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Now you can just swipe my system This is the system I used to get nine clients in six days from two local businesses. And I teach you my script that I used to get these businesses to partner with me every time. In fact this very system got one of my private coaching clients 20 new clients with just ONE email.

The media can give you instant credibility and position you as the top local trainer. But getting the local paper to write about you is about a easy as out running a panther And Two sneaky but simple strategies to use to practically guarantee that your press release get published. The name of this system may sound a little ridicules and over the top. Just three little words Every personal trainer I know does grocery store tours all wrong. At best they may get two or three people to show. Plus I teach you my method for getting the grocery store to register people for you. The most low cost, effective, and predicable marketing system I know is email and newsletter marketing.

This video is from my sold out Fitness Business Summit live event. In this presentation I reveal the formula for taking your fitness business to 7 figures and beyond. The secret to direct mail success is getting the right message to the right market. This manuscript is loaded with the most up to date, "whats working now" fitness marketing tactics, strategies, and systems once only available to my top paying coaching clients. These pages are are loaded with so many killer client getting ideas that you'll never run out of ways to attract clients into your personal training or boot camp business.

Take System 9 with you anywhere you go. As a special bonus, and to make sure that you have the most cutting edge client attraction system on hand no matter where you are I'm giving you the entire System 9 program on easy to listen to MP3s. Now you watch the video anytime you want, AND listen to the program on your iPod, in your car, or while you work out. Getting more personal training and boot camp clients has never been easier.

But, like all good things this will end soon Friend, I'm in a position to do something for you that no other person can I'm going to give you the blueprints to create your own financially secure, competition proof personal training business — just like I did for myself and for thousands of other fitness professionals. Best of all you get the entire program instantly in high resolution video tutorials which you can watch online or download directly to your computer.

Just click, buy and start growing your fitness business — instantly. Stop wasting your valuable time and effort trying out dead end advertising ideas that fail to produce results. Order System 9 Now, before you lose another client. Remember this is a proven system duplicated time and time again with amazing results. I want to WIN your trust Started out with 0 clients Until I watched it, I was new guy in the boot camp world with a decent website, boot camps starting in a matter of weeks, and no clients.

Four weeks later, after implementing several of the suggestions in your video, I have two boot camps established, 20 people registered, and multi-month private personal training client. If that's not return on investment, I'm not sure what is. Many thanks! Keep 'em coming. Anytime I thought about marketing I quit because I had no clue where to start and a bad marketing campaign is expensive.

But all that was before getting the System 9 plan. Within less than an hour I had a realistic and affordable marketing plan that I was excited and confident to launch because I knew it was gonna bring me loads of new prospects and clients! I wish I could have discovered System 9, ten years ago when I first struggled with find clients. With my marketing strategies in place now I can focus on what I love and that's fitness! I ordered the system 9 package a little while ago. Just watching those videos completely changed my approach to marketing!

Before watching those two video clips, I was seriously struggling with marketing ideas and strategies. Truth be told, I didn't even have any, I didn't think I had the money for it. Now, having spent an hour and a half watching two videos, I have marketing ideas coming out of my mind like no tomorrow! The worst part is the days, months and years continue to fly by.

I mean, think back on how fast the past 5 years went by. And it will keep going by unless you make some drastic changes. You need to do something NOW. His morning commute consists of walking a mere 30 feet to his home office in his Ohio home…and has been exploiting these blueprints to the tune of 7 figures per year for many years. This has given him absolute autonomy…and has helped many others who have been influenced by my teachings thanks to these fool-proof lifestyle liberation blueprints I want to share with you…. You do NOT need any special background, education or skills to use this — other than commitment to use it.

You can apply it to anything you are passionately interested in or knowledgeable about. You see, Dan has students using this stuff with online businesses in health, fitness, and all kinds of hobbies like quilting, teaching and coaching. For now, know, YOU can turbo-charge your ability to attract, achieve and develop an enviable lifestyle thanks to this information. Guthy-Renker, a company for whom Dan consults with and write copy for, brings in 1. The benefit of information products is this: people are getting busy.

I know many info-marketers who work anywhere they please, as they please. Why is all of this possible? The truth is this: information marketing works in any business and market. You can start audaciously or humbly as well. One person Dan worked with 35 years ago made a nice side income helping people rid their garden of gophers more about that later. It has worked for Dan because he is able to use these lifestyle liberation blueprints to move to Cleveland…one of the only places in the country that runs harness races year round. Is it realistic or routine to zoom from zero to thousands or tens of thousands a month in just a few months?

Listen…the next years are going to go by anyway. Upon completion of the Lifestyle Liberation Blueprint you have the step-by-step plan on exactly what to do to create your first info-marketing windfall in 90 days. A crash course in every opportunity, every strategy and every aspect of Info Marketing. Includes checklists to use on an ongoing business to keep your business development on track.

Giant manual with every instruction, example, checklist and resource you need to launch and grow a complete info-marketing business. This totally shifts the dynamic of the prospect-customer relationship where you become a magnet and people are pulled to you. They look forward to getting your emails in their Inbox. Listen : the hardest part of business is getting qualified leads onto your list.

This course will put you on my level of sophistication when it comes to marketing your business or practice…. Gone will be the days where you have to beat your head against the wall trying to come up with ideas for the emails you have to write. This is a system in sync with the emerging new economy, where customers have more confusing and competing choices than ever, traditional ad media readership is falling and fragmented, people are overwhelmed with communication, and spending is more measured and thoughtful.

This is a system with direct, targeted outreach to carefully selected, ideal customers; literally the opposite of costly, wasteful mass advertising and marketing. This System has built in competitive advantage, built in price resistance minimization, setting you apart from all others and letting you sell in a competitive vacuum. Unable to weather the last recession. This innovative system has been used successfully for over 22 years by small business owners and entrepreneurs like you.

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It has been used to generate their ideal customers, clients and patients so these business owners are no longer beholden to their business. Magnetic Marketing was first devised 22 years ago by GKIC founder Dan Kennedy who created this system to help regular business owners with NO experience, NO marketing knowledge and NO talent and empower them to create compelling marketing on their own without hiring outside help.

So he created a system for the small business owner to target their ideal, high-value customers or clients who are ready and willing to give them money over and over again. Dan Kennedy believed that there was a learnable, adaptable, step-by-step path to marketing mastery and profit-certain business success. And now he wants to share this winning system with you — a systematic set of strategies and tools you can apply to any type of business to magnetically pull in more prospects and profits almost immediately.

You just fill in the specifics about your business and let the system do the work for you, to magnetically attract your ideal customers, clients or patients who are predetermined to do business with you. And when you take action and claim your copy of this system, your business life will become more enjoyable and will be able to sleep better at night, knowing where your next customer will come from.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs have used this innovative system successfully for 22 years to attract top-level incomes without anxiety, worry or stress. Duration This course includes 6 modules. Yes, it may seem sounds stodgy and antiquated when compared to all the cool-sounding social media strategies out there.

But direct mail is a tried and proven strategy you MUST implement into your business. We promise that Mailbox Millions will give you a marketing asset or assets worth at least 1 million dollars to you in 24 months , in addition to the following:. Listen: the big dogs of direct marketing use direct mail…in every product category. They will always need to change their marketing since most online marketing is copied, tweaked, etc. And you may be a little skeptical.

Humor helps you…

But I encourage you to suspend your skepticism and keep reading. The truth is this: great copy uses little-known psychological triggers to lather up the prospect and get them to desire your product or service so they have no choice to buy. Now keep this in mind. Driving more traffic to a website.

Even growing crab grass.

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Most people present themselves and their products or businesses to the market as near copycats and clones of everything else in their category. So your marketing has to be all about the buyer and what they want.

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You do not need to go it alone. This is my NEW comprehensive program that can transform your business by giving you the secret keys for getting more of your customers, clients, patients, and prospects to buy more of your products or services and buy them now. This is a System built on utterly dependable, reliable, practical strategies and sophisticated psychological techniques. It is rock solid which is why it can be unconditionally guaranteed.

Throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. No hassles and no problems. The choice is yours. For anybody who wants to transform their business by getting the secret keys for getting more of your customers, clients, patients, and prospects to buy more of your products or services and buy them now. Making Them Believe is delivered to you in two ways: audio CDs and printed transcripts and other reference materials, so you can gain from Dr. Upon completion of Making Them Believe, you will be able to:. Kennedy discovered the keys that unlock the vault to virtually unlimited riches.

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In a special session Dan revealed the secret formula he uncovered to finding and selling to the least and last group of people affected by price—the Affluent. Understand the unique psychology, buying motives, decision-making factors, and reasons the affluent prefer one seller over another whether for groceries and dry-cleaning or investing counsel or luxury goods and experiences.

Shows you how to get out of your own way and get in sync with the Affluent Buyer. Use strategies from diverse real-life examples to apply to your business and watch your profits soar. Reveals their strategies for how they attract the Affluent, how they present price, and how they extract maximum profits from their business. We want to show you 6 ways you can attract traffic to your website or storefront like moths to a flame. That way…. Modern Traffic School will arm you with underground tactics to generating traffic and leads…both offline and online.

So take action today and invest in Modern Traffic School. And get ready for more qualified customers, clients and patients than you can handle.


Modern Traffic School is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced small business owners and entrepreneurs who struggle with getting traffic and generating leads and are looking for proven methods for generating a surge of qualified customers, clients and patients at will. You probably got into business for many reasons: more time freedom, more money in your bank account, more independence so you can do what you want, and no boss breathing down your neck. In other words, both consumers and business owners are rife with fear, stress and uncertainty.

Plus, competition to get customers is getting tougher and tougher as consumers get hit with commercial messages every single day. Every business is in danger of disappearing or becoming irrelevant to prospects as this competition continues to grow. The Ultimate Marketing Machine is comprised of two business-critical components:. A group so loyal that every time you reach out to them, they respond in kind.

Together, these components create The Ultimate Marketing Machine that, with our help, you will customize for your own business. And think about attracting only your ideal customers, clients, or patients and not having to just accept everyone who shows interest in your business. This is your time to stop spinning your wheels and really find your own success formula that will allow you to have a life of no business worries and no more banging your head against the wall trying to figure out how to get more customers, clients, or patients.

Call us today to find out when the next 3-Day Implementation Camp is available: or email us: info nobsinnercircle. You just give them the month marketing calendar as part of this System, all the tools, and all the resources and just tell them to go do it…leaving you to perform other moneymaking tasks in your business. And think about what it feels like having your pipeline full with your ideal customers, clients and patients…and how many worries it will help you absolve….

Because stress and strife in a business also causes stress on the family. You may be projecting your business worries on your family without you knowing it…so having a strong, prosperous business thanks to this System will also lead to a strong family life. Your Marketing Department In A Box is going to empower you to create your own marketing materials without outside help. Get ready for more customers, clients or patients, more money in your pocket and less stress and strife in your business.

You can do this yourself…or you can give this calendar to a staff member and tell them to go do it. A Monthly E-letter…a customizable, professionally designed email newsletter ready to use for your monthly e-newsletters. But before you send them to the sales team, you can send a few types of content to the bottom of your new funnel.

The worst mistake marketers make with with their funnel is stopping all communication after the sale. If your product is particularly hard to explain, it may be just as hard to use. Take the time to create content with your customers that can help them make the most of your product or service — FAQs, tutorials, and the like. Then be sure to actually share it with them! You will learn how to rule affiliate marketing, turning it into your own cash machine. And that's not all! I have put Secret IM Cash together for those looking for a guide that actually works not something that turns into trash.

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I will even help you become successful even faster by taking on all the risk. You have my complete, no questions asked, guarantee. Now you're probably thinking that, like a lot of other internet marketers, I'll charge you an arm and a leg for this 41 page guide. Not so! It's my way of thanking you for being my customer and helping you finally get a system that will make you a lot of money without a bunch of fake promises.

Success is simply a matter of following instructions from those who have been down the road before you. Grab the guide that will teach you how to start you online business step by step! Contact Me. Don't Reinvent the Wheel.. You're probably thinking, what is Secret IM Cash and how can it benefit you? What is Secret IM Cash?