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Being a self-published book the copy I read, anyway , it was surprisingly more polished than I expected, though the author did seem to have a fetish for ellipses. Those three little dots were everywhere! To the point where they began to lose all meaning. There's very little plot beyond the "I'm a vampire! Oh no, now what do I do? Which I rather hate. I don't like it when a single story is strung out over multiple books.

That's okay for a subplot, but not for the main, driving plot, even a light and fluffy plot such as this one. There's some mystery regarding who made Anja that's with the 'j' said like a 'y', so ya know a vampire, but, again, nothing is resolved. I highly doubt I'll read the second and probable third book because it was a total fluke that my library even had this one. And, while Wake Me was cute, it just didn't hook me enough to want to find out how everything ends up. That said, despite the flaws, Olsen has an engaging voice and while the modern references will horribly date the book a decade from now, those references are authentic and not just as a result of an author trying to sound knowledgeable and coming off like a complete idiot.

Olsen has managed to create a roster of characters that are funny, engaging, and realistic, populating an often humorous and entertaining story. Wake Me is not the worst self-published book I've ever read and while it may not be the absolute best, it's certainly up there as one of the better quality of self-pubs. A nice little gem that I ran across by pure accident and am glad I gave it a chance. Jan 24, AJ Olsen rated it it was amazing.

I like vampires This book was an exception, I love the reluctant vampire Anja and her relationship with the vampire cop Bishop. Her spunky roommate Bridget helped make this a fun read, and I really liked the idea of the organization that enforces the vampire laws. Now I want to see what happens next! Feb 12, Lisa rated it it was amazing.

Loved it, quick paced and action pact, this was a great beginning to a series I'll most definitely be continuing. I like the world she set up and we actually just got a small peek of it. I thought author set this up brilliantly to continue. Feb 15, Becca rated it really liked it Shelves: big-girl-books , indies-that-are-drool-worthy-good , show-me-your-teeth , im-a-warrior-hear-me-roar , sequel-s-out-now-i-need-to-read-it , na-no-not-that-n-a-new-adult.

I stayed up practically all night reading this What do I mean by that? I mean don't go into this thinking that there will be big issue problems solved, this is the beginning to what i am going to guess is a very big I stayed up practically all night reading this I mean don't go into this thinking that there will be big issue problems solved, this is the beginning to what i am going to guess is a very big adventure - and no i am not trying to sound all peter pan on your asses, its just how it be.

So this was a lot of world building, and character relationships I didn't mind it though, well I was waiting for a certain someone to show up and yeah Thoughts on Plot: Now as a seasoned paranormal reader, I just I was pleasantly surprised with these vampires, they were true to the idea of vampires feeding off of humans, sleeping during the day, but they could go out in sunlight just hurt, and other stuff, but there were new aspects to Lisa Olsen's vampires that I quite enjoyed as well.

I am interested in seeing where the series will take us, but in this book it was a lot of like i said world building. We had to understand these new vampires and their system. The book started off running which if you know me at all you know that i LOVE that. There was a lot of mystery to this book and when I thought i had it pretty well figured out, I was wrong There were a lot of back and forth between the relationship of Anja and Bishop.

I found their relationship sort of O i am going to be bitch for a moment, exhausting. It was a story about her realizing how much her humanity she would have to give up, because of someone else's decision. So lets move on to characters. Characters: Anja: She was a little strange, I mean we don't get her before vampirism and while i don't think it would have magically altered her into a new person, i think it did really change her on some levels as well, she mentions how she normally isn't so forceful or aggressive, but i mean we don't ever see her not really being that way either, which isn't to say its a bad thing, she was just telling us a lot about who she once was.

I liked that she was a strong character though, there were times yes i will admit this she annoyed me, i was more or less annoyed with the way she was trying to get Bishop's attention. What the hell? Okay so this might a bit spoiler-ish section so before i get to that, he was just stubborn, all about the job, too aloof for me, I mean we get a bit about his past and i can see where he was hurt, and hurt back but this guy has to be over years old I am pretty sure So Anja is turned her sire is missing and she only has Bishop to turn to, literally, so what does he do?

I was like O.

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O you don't even need to be all lovey with her but i mean she just had her entire world turned upside down and you didn't even say, hey this is how you get some nom noms? I am sure he will get better, because at the end In the end i thought this was a very entertaining read and I am eager to get on with the next book - cliffies are nice people, cliffies are not NICE!!!

Sep 23, Rachel rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. I thought this book was so-so. So many paranormal books have been put out lately that its becoming pretty hard to have an original idea, and that was mostly what's wrong with this book. I read a lot, and I've read this plot several times before.

Anja is sort of likeable, in that she's not completely weak as a character. She has her own mind, and she isn't going to let anyone tell her what she can and can't do. My problem with her, is that she can't really accomplish anything without Bishop, and h I thought this book was so-so. My problem with her, is that she can't really accomplish anything without Bishop, and he of course, spends the whole freaking entire book helping her while simultaneously telling her he's not going to help her anymore, he doesnt care about her, and she's on her own.

Its also obvious why he has a problem with her- its painfully clear that the author is setting him up to have a big reveal in the next book about how much she reminds him of her maker. It gets boring and predictable towards the middle of the book, how neither of them progress- she is not really able to be a vampire without him, and he is going to continue to be a stalker in denial.

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No growth. There isn't a whole lot of plot, otherwise. Sure, they're trying to find her maker- but no detective work is done, and he pretty much just waltzes up in the last few pages. Its very anti-climactic. And at that point, who really cares anyway? That's not explained very well and it comes off as unfinished rather than intriguing. We haven't met any of these elite vampires and Bishop doesn't bother explaining. If I were Anja I'd just say fuck it, and write the whole thing off. Of course they kiss and make up in the end, but what actually was the plot? What actually happened in the book?

Not much. I won't be reading more of these. Jul 27, Lisa rated it really liked it. This is my first Lisa Olsen book but it will not be my last. Anja starts out in the morgue,turned into a vampire, and unsure how any of this happened, only to have a crazy cop Bishop showing up at her door asking for her license. Apparently it is against the law it is against the law to create new vampire without a license, and her sire is missing. Bishop takes on the role of reluctant mentor, and helps to show Anja the rules and ropes of being a vampire.

He helps her assume an identity that oth This is my first Lisa Olsen book but it will not be my last. He helps her assume an identity that others will believe, and teaches her how to control her new power. So many people take an interest in the new vamp come to town, including the rich and powerful Aleksander.

However, the real mystery is, Who is her sire and why has he not claimed her? This was a light, fun read that kept me hooked, I enjoyed every chapter, never got bored from overly descriptive parts because there were none, and I enjoyed the chemistry between Anja and Bishop and cannot wait to pick up the next book.

This is a terrific tale of innocence lost. Imagine waking up in the morgue not having any idea where you are or what happened. That's what happens to Anja Evans, a college music student. She soon learns there is a whole different side to the world when she finds she's been turned into a vampire. Her Maker abandons her and she is left with only one person to help her figure out how to survive. Bishop works for the Order, an organization that polices vampires, and finds Anja totally clueless about This is a terrific tale of innocence lost.

Bishop works for the Order, an organization that polices vampires, and finds Anja totally clueless about what happened or how to survive on her own. He doesn't want to get involved but just can't resist Anja's innocence. He helps her learn to take care of herself and tries to find her Maker and figure out why this happened. All thumbs up! I will be reading the rest of this series as soon as I can.

Aug 06, R. Matthews rated it liked it. What was that? This book was included in a spicy paranormal box set and I was enjoying the story well enough, until it just ended at a weird spot. Apparently this series will go on forever. There are eleven books in the series already and at least one more on the way. So I took a sneak peek at the blurbs and I've decided I'm going to stop now while Anja and Bishop are together. What I loved most about this story was Bishop - not Anja - and it looks like Bishop will be out of the picture for What was that?

What I loved most about this story was Bishop - not Anja - and it looks like Bishop will be out of the picture for quite a few of the future books. No, thanks! Dec 02, Mary rated it really liked it Shelves: lendable. Funny PNR with good character development. More of a 3. I liked the approach to Anja's story and it had some interesting twists. I'll continue with the series and see how it goes since it's so well rated Not for me, sorry. The intro on this book looked promising and the start was interesting, but further it was just a plain boring and annoying storyline. What's the plot?

The main character Anja is whiney and not very smart and not able to make decisions. She runs all the time to Bishop for help, as well takes not a NO for an answer. Has no job, get supported by her parents. There are no useful conversation, alone the speech she having with her BFF Bridget, who suppose to be helpful is so unfriendl Not for me, sorry.

When did that happen? Are you gonna sue the hospital? Oh, if you do, name that dickwad Simpson, I hate that guy. This book is not paranormal enough for me, there is not really a development in the case that Bishop look for her sire, instead he is stalking her. The only fun character is Mason, I liked his speech and answers. He is truly behaving like a Vampire. The other things I missed is a very good descriptions of the characters, the information is just to plain that I had problems to get a good connection, as it should be a romance. No seduction to make it more interesting how hard it is for the main characters, Anja and Bishop.

Sorry for not so good review. Ummmm It was ok I guess. I found myself rolling my eyes at the main characters a lot.

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She is really whiney and kinda useless. It's one of those books where the whole time you hoping it gets better I would recommend this book to anyone. Feb 11, Annika rated it liked it. Didn't really have a plot Aug 25, Clare Burns rated it it was amazing. Great quick read If you like suspenseful vampire books with s touch of romance, then this books for you. However it is a cliffhanger so be prepared to get the next book. Anja is a vampire and has no recollection on how she became one. Anja struggles balancing her old college life with her new undead one.

Anja is deicaded to tracking down the Viking vampire who turned her and gave her the strength of a vampire several centuries older than her. This book is magnificent!!! I fell in love with it before I even finished the first chapter. The story catches your attention right off the bat and prevents you from being able to put the book down.

Lisa Olsen did an incredible job at developing her characters for this book. The main character Anja An-ya , is completely relatable. She is like the typical girl next door that almost every girl can connect with one way or another. She is a typical bookworm, she prefers reading books in comfy pjs instead of going out every night drinking and partying. I also love how she slowly started growing a stronger backbone after she started embracing her vampirism. Now, time for me to stop going off about how much I love Anja.

This book has a lot of amazing qualities to it that makes it so magnificent. The writing was well done and there were little to no grammatical errors. The book also provided us with a heroine who remained upbeat no matter what was happening. Nothing worse than a whiny heroine. I love it so much because all of the characters are relatable and can be found in real-life. I recommend this book for all of my fellow bookworms out there who want a main kick ass female character to fall in love with.

Go get this book! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. Review By: Angelina Daniel You can read my full review on my Wordpress blog here. So, what did I like about it? All of the characters we met were complex and multi dimensional and I found them all to be very believable. So, ummm, was there anything I disliked about it? Not really, just small niggles that took the edge off. Mar 22, Dotti Elrick rated it liked it. I was looking for something new to read when this book was recommended for me.

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I had never heard of the author but the book sounded interesting. It was was. I enjoyed the book. Anja is a bit of a nerd, she is just trying to get through college when she finds herself waking up in the morgue. She has no memory of what has happened to her or how she ended up reportedly dead from having her throat ripped open. She is wearing strange clothes covered in her own blood. Once she is back home things just I was looking for something new to read when this book was recommended for me.

Once she is back home things just seem to get weirder. When a man shows up at her door demanding her license and registration papers Anja assumes he's a detective looking into what happened to her. Bishop is a detective of sorts. He works for the Order, they oversee the vampire population. He has a hard time believing that Anja does not know who her sire is or what she has become. Because siring a vampire is strictly monitored, her sire has to come forward and claim her or she will be put down. But Bishop sees something in her, something he does not want to see. She looks a lot like someone he once cared a great deal for.

The last thing he wants is to be attracted to her. But he doesn't want to have to kill her either. So he does something very un-Bishop like. He breaks the rules and helps her get a new ID and offers to help her learn to be a vampire. All the while pushing her away emotionally.

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When Bishop runs a test on Anjas blood, it shows the blood of a much older vampire. She is also much faster and stronger than a newly turned vampire.

Which leads him to the conclusion that she was turned by a very old and powerful vampire. Along with the clothes and jewelry she was wearing the night she was turned, he has an idea her sire is an "Ellri". An old word for Elder, a natural born vampire, one of the vampires who created the vampire species. If this is the case, there is not much Bishop can do to help Anja.

Ellri are exempt from vampire laws. This was a fun, quick read I liked the characters. We were left with a small cliff hanger, I look forward to the next book to see what happens. I was even more thrilled when I started reading. From Anja's waking in a morgue wearing a strange "costume" covered in blood to her shaky steps toward her normal life as a college student studying voice, to her gradual awakening to the idea that, just maybe, she'd had more than a "near death" experience--I found myself anxious to find out what would happen next.

We've got a wacky roommate, a two-timing ex boyfriend, a struggling college student who's been a rule follower and people pleaser her whole life. Add to that a mysterious and poignant transformation, mysterious strangers--some sexy, some scary, some sexy AND scary and you've got a recipe for a great new series. It was only after I'd reluctantly finished the book reluctantly because I wanted it to continue! That said, the characters in these series are, forgive me, night and day different. Anja is about as innocent and naive and just plain nice as they come.

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She's likeable and, well, somehow real. Don't get me wrong--I love the Undead series--laughing my way through Betsy's almost slapstick intro to the world of the supernatural--but I don't really relate to her. She's funny and ditzy too, but for some reason, she just seems more real.

I look forward to the next installment in this new seriesand hope fervently that it picks up where Book 1 leaves off. Dang it, I want to know what happens next! Does Anja stay in school? Can her sire claim her? Will Bishop open up? Will Anja's sister end up dating Mason?

Will the roommate accidentally let something slip? And what is Rob? Sep 10, Cozen rated it did not like it Shelves: not-with-a-ten-foot-pole , dumb-daft-whiney-clingy-or-virginal , not-what-i-thought , seething-mad-for-buying-this-one , weak-female-leads , some-assembly-required , too-many-stupid-details , unlikable-leading-lady. What was the plot? I'm still trying to figure that out. Read my progress.

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One, this wasn't the dark read I was promised when I got it for free. Still think I paid too much for it. Secondly, for a nerd, she is the most dumb ass character ever. Every turn she makes is a self absorbed whiney, clingy, and selfish stalker girl who can't make a single smart decision. She learns to compel humans to give her what she wants, anything she wants, but then the next chapter she resigns to splurge on cab fare What was the plot? She learns to compel humans to give her what she wants, anything she wants, but then the next chapter she resigns to splurge on cab fare.

What else was wonky here? Would someone bust in and announce a tornado full of sharks on the horizon in the next instant? Returning to England, this time as Elder of the West, to attend the first vampire Gathering held in over fifty years, she can't wait to see friends and foes alike. Not everyone's happy to see Anja again, but strangely enough, old enemy Simon Corley is the one who welcomes her with open arms.

Will Anja find a new ally in the Warden of Vetis, or should she stop and count her fillings? Convinced she's over Bishop, will her resolve hold once she actually sees him, or will any hope of rekindling their love fizzle as soon as he opens his mouth? And what about Rob - can he truly keep those deep feelings bottled up inside, or will they spill out, especially when Anja's life is in danger? Editorial Review Follow Me When the Sun Goes Down , the fifth book in the Forged Bloodlines series picks up seamlessly where the last one left off, with Anja freaking out over her appointment as Elder.

It turns out the vampire council appreciates a candidate with the guts to take charge of the West and Anja sallies forth with her entourage sans Maggie, sadly but understandably to England for the Gathering.