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Avoid extremely hot or extremely cold spaces, which can lead to premature aging of your mount. Care for the animal immediately after the kill and, once you have it on display, it will allow you to share the memory of your hunt for decades. Back Camouflage Break-Up Country. Shadow Grass Blades. Elements Agua. Explore All Patterns.

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Taxidermy Mount Care

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Handle with care: Cleaning your mount | goHUNT

Don't say this will never happen to you. It happens in the best taxidermy shops, museums, and homes. Let me tell you a short true story. All my mounts are in my taxidermy shop and have been treated with the exception of a squirrel that is in my son ' s bedroom.

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  • Taxidermy - Trophy Mount Care.
  • He was 3 then and had gotten a cap double barrel shotgun from Cabelas for Christmas, so of course he wanted to have something of his own mounted. I put out a small pile of corn on the edge of our woods and let him "shoot" a squirrel from our deck.

    Last month the cleaning lady was doing her normal dusting and found some fur on the carpet under the squirrel and thought that I better have a close r look be cause it was looking sick. I knew before I even went up the stairs what it was, Dermestid insects. The mount was not worth saving as there was hair loss on the face. After going through the process mentioned above, some hunters think they are done taking care of their trophy and the work is complete.

    This is actually far from the truth and can be a costly mistake. Taking care of your taxidermy work is a lifetime process if you want your mounts to remain in top shape and a centerpiece for conversations in the future.

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    Here are a few ways to keep your trophy room and mounts in good shape. All trophies require care, regardless of the workmanship and quality of the taxidermist. All trophies will eventually need to be refurbished or re-mounted, but by taking into account a few damaging elements it is possible to avoid these common damages and greatly extend the life of your trophy.

    Mounts should be hung using a screw or lag bolt in a wall stud. This can help prevent the mount from falling and possibly breaking. If a mount breaks during a fall or moving from one area to another it can be one of the hardest fixes for a taxidermist. Plus the hide is in rough shape. While eventual loss of color from sunlight will not necessarily cause damage to the mount, it can make it look dirty and can be very hard, if not impossible to clean or repair.

    The hide color and details in the nose have now been brought back to life. This mount is now fully restored and looks like new again. This can be prevented with proper mount care through the years. These hard repairs are what you want to avoid. Take small steps throughout the years to keep your mount looking the best. The best place to keep a mount is in a climate-controlled area that is free from excess heat, moisture and sunlight. Excess heat with sunlight will eventually affect the color, hair and hide of your animal and sunlight will also fade the color of the hide and any coloring of the nose and lip areas of mounts over time.