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For All Subject Areas. See All Resource Types. Much Ado About Nothing Unit. I love Shakespeare, especially his comedies, and I really want students and teachers alike to love it too. The activities and accompanying lessons in this unit demystifies Shakespeare and m. Add to cart. Wish List. The package includes everything you need to teach Much Ado About Nothing. It includes introductory materials, scene by scene study questions, summary questions, an allusions activity based on a Mumford and Sons song, essay topics, instructions, and marking rubric, and two unit tests. Used for years. English Language Arts , Reading , Literature.

This is a page power point presentation features introductory information about Shakespeare's play, Much Ado About Nothing. This presentation includes information about: Character Overviews Motifs Symbols Themes There are plenty of full color pictures and graphics to help students see the conn. English Language Arts , Drama , Literature.

The video makes an excellent resource for learning, as well. With this video guide, students will be able to see that Shakespeare wrote superb comedies as well as tragedies.

They will also be abl. English Language Arts , Literature , Writing. Activities , Handouts , Movie Guides. Thank you for looking at this fabulous product! I have compiled what I think is a great collection of useable pieces for your class. Drama , Literature.

Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

Comprehensive test covering characters, plot, literary devices, and dramatic conventions in William Shakespeare's comedy Much Ado About Nothing! Test Prep , Assessment. There are pages included in this unit. Items included: Sonnets 18 and with questions Can be used to introduce Shakespeare's language History of English handout How well do you understand S. English Language Arts , Literature.

Activities , Handouts , Homework.

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Save prep time and help your students read closely and actively with this bundle of Common Core aligned organizers, worksheets, projects, quizzes, and review materials for Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. Note: We provide as many of our worksheets and organizers as possible in Word fo.

Each handout is dedicated to one act of the play, and corresponds with the Much Ado About Nothing- Powerpoints on All 5 Acts which can be purchased together or by act below. Lectures , Handouts , Guided Reading Books. Each quiz concentrates on one act of the play and contains 20 multiple choice questions.

Much Ado About Nothing: Teaching Shakespeare by TesEnglish | Teaching Resources

Questions cover elements of plot, characterization, literary devices in context, foil characters, dramatic conventions. Unit Plans , Activities , Test Prep. Each powerpoint discusses the play in detail. Topics covered include: subjects, themes, motifs, symbols, characterization, dramatic conventions, literary devices in context, significant quotation.

There are 2 nearly-identical versions that can be given to one class to preclude copying or so that you have a separate make-up. Examinations - Quizzes , Assessment. Includes pacing guide, pre-reading, film essay, activities, reading quizzes, notes, posters, author study, character analysis and discussions.

This unit plan contains everything you need to add relevance a. Literature , Writing , Reading Strategies. Show 8 included products. Hamlet: KS3 drama-based activities 2. Henry V 1. Henry V - Act 4 Scene 1 2. Introduction to Shakespeare: background and biography Introduction to Shakespeare: language 8. Introduction to Shakespeare: the plays Julius Caesar 2. Macbeth Macbeth - Act 1 Macbeth - Act 2 Macbeth - Act 3 Macbeth - Act 4 5. Macbeth - Act 5 The Merchant of Venice 2. Millions: the play adapted by Frank Cottrell Boyce Much Ado About Nothing Much Ado About Nothing - Act 1 Much Ado About Nothing - Act 2 3.

Much Ado About Nothing - Act 3 4. Much Ado About Nothing - Act 4 7. Nation: the play by Terry Pratchett and Mark Ravenhill 8. Othello 2. Our Day Out by Willy Russell Paving Paradise by Richard Conlon 9. Reading plays 3. The Revenger's Tragedy by Cyril Tourneur 2. Richard III Richard III - Act 1 Richard III - Act 2 2. Richard III - Act 3 Richard III - Act 4 7. Romeo and Juliet Romeo and Juliet - Act 3 Scene 1 3. Romeo and Juliet - Act 3 Scene 5 4. The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare 2.

The Tempest The Tempest - Act 1 The Tempest - Act 2 1.

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The Tempest - Act 3 The Tempest - Act 4 4. The Tempest - Act 5 9. Twelfth Night Twelfth Night - Act 1 Scene 5 5.